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Your Board Committees

The Board of Trustees completes its duties with the help of four committees that make recommendations to the Trustees within the scope of their mandates.

The Committees meet at least quarterly and only have the authority that has specifically been delegated to them through their mandates.

Committee mandates

Asset and Liability Management

Chair: Martha Fell

Asset and Liability Management Responsibilities:

Governs the statement of investment policies and procedures (SIPP) and all strategic and operational processes.
  • the pension fund performance
  • actuarial initiatives and valuations
  • risk management initiatives
  • IMCO and other investment advisors

Plan Administration

Chair: Michael Kainer

Responsibilities for Plan Administration:

Assist with administration and support services.
  • plan administration and support services
  • compliance with relevant policies, mandates, and applicable laws
  • benefits decisions appeals

Audit and Finance

Chair: Reagan Ruslim

Audit and Finance Responsibilities:

Assists management with annual business and financial plans.
  • the Administrative Agent’s financial support services
  • financial reporting and disclosure to stakeholders
  • external audit and auditor
  • internal audit and auditor
  • the pension fund custodian
  • risk management policy and initiatives
  • information technology
  • compliance with relevant policies, mandates and applicable laws
  • Plan's insurance arrangements

Governance and HR

Co-Chairs: Bruce Smith and Harry Goslin

Responsibilities for Governance and HR:

Helps with Trustee and committee terms of reference and composition.
  • hiring and secondment of key employees
  • HR and all executive management functions
  • strategic planning
  • legal proceedings and outside counsel
  • governance and HR policies