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Your Pension Advisory Committee

The Pension Advisory Committee (PAC) was established as a way to keep members involved in the administration of the Plan, make views of members known to the Board of Trustees, and promote awareness and understanding of the Plan.

Representation is from members

The PAC is made up of 10 members that represent different groups of members that participate in the Plan. The PAC advocates on behalf of all pension plan members.

Category of representation Number of representatives Method of appointment Name
Formers members
Retirees/deferred members 2 Election process Len Brown
Beth Harris
Non-bargaining unit employees
WSIB non-bargaining employees 2 Election process Robert Alvarez
Carlo Augimeri
Safe Workplace Association (SWA) non-bargaining employees 1 Election process Kristy Cork
Bargaining unit employees
WSIB bargaining employees 3 Appointed by OCEU Nicole Francis
April Leblanc
Dave Peddle
IHSA bargaining employees 1 Appointed by OCEU Peter Vi
PSHSA, WSN bargaining employees 1 Appointed by COPE 24 Brandi Cramer

The PAC will appoint up to three non-voting observers who will be entitled to attend every Board of Trustees meeting (other than in camera meetings and other special meetings held at the discretion of the Trustees) and provide input on administration of the Plan. The three observers will be made up of:

  • Retired or deferred member representative
  • Bargaining unit representative
  • Non-bargaining unit representative
Beth Harris
Beth has more than 30 years experience in the public and private sectors. She began her career in the private sector; primarily focused in Customs and Import for automotive parts manufacturing companies. She honed her analytical and interpersonal skills working in a team environment.

Joining the WSIB in 1987 as a payment specialist, Beth then moved into the Health Care area and eventually Operations as an Adjudicator/Case Manager. She was an active CUPE 1750 representative in the Windsor office, building on her belief that relationships and people are a core value to a successful life, both personal and professional. She held numerous Executive Roles including, Director, of Area and Regional Offices, Vice President of Regions and Area Offices and Chief Steward, as well as serving on committees and bargaining teams with OCEU.

Beth retired as Director, Employee Relations and Engagement in the Operations Division, having led the multi-cluster committee on Employee Recognition and Co-chaired the Mental Health Strategy Project endorsed and implemented by the WSIB.

Beth co-created the WSIB Retirees Voice Group in 2017 working to represent all retirees, which opened discussions with the employer. These discussions successfully enhanced the JSPP agreement for retirees.

Beth has a proven record of taking action and achieving results and is looking forward to working with WISETrust and the Pension Advisory Committee (PAC) as your PAC representative. I have found working with the PAC Committee a positive experience as I seek to fulfill the obligations of our elected role. I look forward to being your representative as enhance my knowledge of our plan as WISETrust implements the sponsor(s) agreement as a Jointly Sponsored Pension Plan.
Robert Alvarez
Robert’s background and experience is in risk management, portfolio management, client services and pension administration with knowledge of pension plan design, pension legislation and regulation. In addition, Robert has experience in promoting awareness and understanding of the integral role that pension plans play in people’s lives.

Robert is currently serving as an Investment Analytics Manager at WSIB, primarily responsible for investment oversight of IMCO.

Robert holds an MBA from Dalhousie University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, hiking and cooking for my family.
Carlo Augimeri
As an employee of the WSIB for close to 36 years, I have held a number of progressive positions ranging from Employer Services, Collections, Budgeting, Internal Controls, Assistant Director for Service Excellence, Director for Specialized Customer Service (Health Care) and currently Director in Operations overseeing the Noise Induced Hearing Loss area. I also hold a Degree from the University of Toronto, Majoring in Economics and Commerce, along with many years of Vendor Management and Finance experience.

I first joined the Member Advisory Committee, MAC, in June of 2017 and was re-elected to the Pension Advisory Committee, PAC in 2019. In our inaugural meeting I was elected as Chair of the committee by my peers.

The WSIB Pension Plan is undertaking an enormous change and the PAC committee members will require people who are familiar with the needs of the current employees and our retired colleagues and who have a sense of the responsibility to ensure that this pension plan is viable for decades to come. It is extremely important to ensure that we have a safe and sustainable pension plan. It is with great pleasure that I serve on this committee to assist in any way possible and be able to make positive impact.
Nicole Francis
Nicole has worked at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for the past 22 years.

Nicole started her career as an Adjudicator/Case Manager and currently holds the role of Appeals Resolution Officer. She has worked in various areas of specialty, including Serious Injuries in the Complex Claims Division working with seriously injured workers, to those who have had accident dates prior to 1990. Nicole works as lead Officer on various portfolios within OCEU including Recruitment/Selection and Diversity, Equity and Inclusions. Nicole is passionate about her work and is a dedicated advocate for the labor movement who participated in the most recent round of collective bargaining. Prior to her career at the WSIB Nicole worked in a clinical and research role in the health care field at Sunnybrook and Women’s College hospitals. Nicole is trilingual and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from York University with healthcare certifications.
April Leblanc
April Leblanc has worked with the WSIB for eight years and also serves as a regional director for OCEU since 2018. “I decided to become part of the PAC as a union member for a few different reasons. Our pension plan should be important to all of us and for me the longevity of the plan for myself and those to come needs to be protected. Pension plans are complicated to say the least and there is great deal to be learned. I can only help myself and others by learning this role and to help educate my fellow union members how important our pension is. Thanks to Harry and a fantastic team we have a jointly sponsored pension plan to work with. I hope that my 20+ years of finance experience and my tenacity serves well in this role”.
Dave Peddle
Dave currently serves the OCEU as one of the Head Office Directors. He holds a B.A. in Economics from McMaster University and has a sound understanding of pensions, investments, and financial literacy. He has worked for the WSIB since 2010 in various positions, most recently as an Appeals Resolution Officer.
Scott Liang
Scott Laing, P.Eng., C.R.S.P., has been in the safety field for over 23 years. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 1996. He then attained his Professional Engineer’s designation in 1999 and Certified Registered Safety Professional in 2001. Scott took an opportunity to come to work for the Construction Safety Association of Ontario in 2003. With the CSAO, Scott delivers a large number of courses on Health and Safety, including Basics of Supervision, Health and Safety Representative, and Working at Heights. The Construction Safety Association of Ontario became the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association in 2010 and seen Scott continue to support the local construction contractor with the health and safety needs. He was the Kingston Regional Health and Safety Consultant for the last 15 years offering help, training and consulting to the local construction industry. For the last three years Scott has been a Coordinator for the IHSA’s vast Labour Management Network.

Scott has been involved in the union since 2003 as a trustee and quickly moved to Vice-president and then President of Local 3585 until 2017. In 2017 CUPE 3585 joined OCEU CUPE 1750. Within OCEU Scott has been and continues to be the division director for the IHSA unit. Scott also served on the MAC committee for the last 8 years as a BU representative, the last two years as the Chair until the PAC was stood up.
Brandi Cramer
Brandi has held several union leadership roles before being elected to the role of President for Local 24 of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union (COPE 24). This Local is made up of employees from both Public Services Health and Safety Association as well as Workplace Safety North.

She began her career at Workplace Safety North in 2006 as a contract writer and now holds the position of Writer/Multimedia Specialist. Previously, she worked for several news publications during a career spanning more than 15 years as a reporter and photographer. Brandi has an extensive skill set in communications, breaking down complicated information and relaying it to people in a clear, concise way using written word, still imagery and video.

In her various roles with COPE Local 24, she has also been a part of Workplace Safety North’s Labour Management Committee as Co-Chair and was a member of the negotiation committee in the last two collective agreements. Brandi has diplomas in Social Service Work, Print Journalism and Photojournalism.