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Your Pension Advisory Committee

The Pension Advisory Committee (PAC) was established as a way to keep members involved in the administration of the Plan, make views of members known to the Board of Trustees, and promote awareness and understanding of the Plan.

Representation is from members

The PAC is made up of 10 members that represent different groups of members that participate in the Plan. The PAC advocates on behalf of all pension plan members.

Category of representation Number of representatives Method of appointment Name
Formers members
Retirees/deferred members 2 Election process Len Brown
Beth Harris
Non-bargaining unit employees
WSIB non-bargaining employees 2 Election process Robert Alvarez
Carlo Augimeri
Safe Workplace Association (SWA) non-bargaining employees 1 Election process Mike Anderson
Bargaining unit employees
WSIB bargaining employees 3 Appointed by OCEU Nicole Francis
April Leblanc
IHSA bargaining employees 1 Appointed by OCEU Scott Laing
PSHSA, WSN bargaining employees 1 Appointed by COPE 24 Brandi Matthias

The PAC will appoint up to three non-voting observers who will be entitled to attend every Board of Trustees meeting (other than in camera meetings and other special meetings held at the discretion of the Trustees) and provide input on administration of the Plan. The three observers will be made up of:

  • Retired or deferred member representative
  • Bargaining unit representative
  • Non-bargaining unit representative