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2024 Annual WTW Consolidated Processing Calendar

This document includes schedules and run date information that you will require to administer the Plan. You will find information on:

1. EFT Contribution Remittance Schedule
2. Interface Run Schedule
3. Interface Response Deadlines
4. Annual Reports
5. Monthly Reports
6. WTW Processing Schedule
7. Monthly Payments (WSIB Only)
8. Holiday Schedule

I-1 and I-2 Interface Response Tracker

This document will provide you with further information on the Interface File Validation response due dates as well as when WTW has actioned the items you have provided in your feedback. This shared document can be viewed by logging into TeamLink.

Employer updates

Employer plan announcements
2023 Member Contribution Rate Increase

2023 Contribution Rate schedule for WISE Trust members and participating employers.

Employer plan announcements
2022 Member Contribution Rates

Effective July 1, 2022, member pension contribution rates will increase by 0.6% of pensionable earnings. Employer normal cost contribution rate …

Employer plan announcements
Contribution Rate Changes

The conversion valuation report as at July 1, 2020 for the WSIB Employees’ Pension Plan (the Plan) was filed in …

Employer plan announcements
The WISE Trust Pension Contact Centre is member’s one-stop-shop

The best way to help members get their questions answered is direct them to the WISE Trust Pension Contact Centre. …